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The Toy Story Effect

March 22, 2018

The ad industry has a major problem with fraudulent advertising slipping through current ad quality filters. We call this the “Toy Story Effect”….A pu...


The flaw in Ads.txt

September 21, 2017

...While blockchain has the current problem of processing capacity, Ads.txt might be flawed fundamentally.


The problem with ad quality

May 20, 2016

The mobile advertising boom presents a serious element of conflict for publishers and advertisers alike. With double-digit growth, mobile will soon co...


The Strategy Team 

Our team is made up of mobile advertising experts with decades of combined experience building and launching advertising products internationally.

The rarely spotted Wenczka is mainly a nocturnal strategy gamer but has been sighted in the swimming pools and on the golf courses of south London.
Justin Wenczka
CEO & Co-Founder
They say the Damski can mostly be lured out of the gym or snooker hall with the finest whiskey and BBQ...mostly.
Chris Damski
CPO & Co-Founder
The mysterious Hapgood can be found on the south coast where it tends to it's horses and family.
Daniel Hapgood
Our highest priority is building a team that thrives on solving problems, learning and distrupting.
We are a fast growing company that relies on the industry's top talent to drive us forward.
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