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Don’t let bad ads affect your users!

PubGuard is a leading malvertising and ad quality platform that specialises in monitoring and analysing offensive ads for publishers.

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We’re on a mission to stop bad ads from sneaking their way into your product! Watch our video to learn more.

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PubGuard stops bad ads!

We arm publishers with the necessary data and tools to have control to stop bad ads from being served to their audience.

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Three key reasons to take guard!

Stopping bad ads does more for your product than you might think. Revenue, audience and reputation is at risk when bad ads sneak into your system.
Respect user experience

Bad ads ruin your users’ experience and decrease your traffic

Protect your Reputation

Bad ads can cause poor reviews unrelated to the experience

Increase your Revenue

Keep user experience as intended without affecting ad revenues

We scan every ad that is served

Good ads can turn bad, so we scan all the ads that are served to your users to make sure they are not seeing anything bad! Existing safety measures aren’t able to detect ads when they are in your app.
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All bad ads are flagged

Bad ads with malicious code, that autoplay, redirect users, force popups, phish for information and may contain adult content are automatically flagged.
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Take control with our dashboard

Install our lightweight SDK and instantly view, review and analyse bad ads that have been automatically flagged on the PubGuard dashboard.
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