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How it works


Easy Set-Up

The Pubguard library can be implemented with one line of code and at 150kb+ it has a tiny footprint. You can also customise your blocklist in our dashboard to include any URL, Keyword, or IAB category.


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Automatic Analysis

Once installed Pubguard automatically identifies the ads served to users and you can review all of your unique ads in the dashboard. All ads are reviewed post serve without causing any discrepancies with tracking or attribution partners.

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In-depth Feedback

Instant email alerts are sent when Pubguard identifies a threat or when an advert on the blocklist is served. Feedback on every ad includes its source, screenshots, click URL’s and relevant ID’s so suppliers can turn off campaigns easily.


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What we have found



low quality ads*


CTR uplift*


CPM increase*


less ad complaints*


*Based on initial reviews of client inventory, analysis of SSP market rates pre and post support and client user complaint log data.


What we detect



Redirects take users out of apps and reduce their overall session time/revenues.




Auto expands and fake system alerts irritate and confuse users.



Adverts and landing pages contain various types of malicious content.


Adult Content

Adult content can carry COPPA fines of up to $15k per reported incident.


Competitor Ads

Competitors target affiliated companies to poach their audience.


Blank Ads

Blank, slow and large ads have low engagement and waste inventory.



Users can also customise their detection preferences to include specific IAB categories, Keywords, and URL’s.

Monthly Prices 


$ 1,000
20,000 Scans*

Reporting Interface Email Support

$ 2,500
100,000 Scans*

Reporting Interface Account Manager Managed Reports

$ 5,000
325,000 Scans*

Reporting interface Account Manager Managed Reports Quarterly Summaries

$ 5K+
500,000+ Scans*

Reporting interface Account Manager Weekly Reports Quarterly Summaries Additional Support


*A scan is a review of a single advert with a unique creative and URL

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