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The ad industry has a major problem with fraudulent advertising slipping through current ad quality filters.

We call this the “Toy Story Effect”….

A publisher or network receives a high-quality ad campaign at a reasonable rate with the caveat that it’s dynamically served. The campaign is running throughout the day and everything is going well until the lights go out in the office and suddenly everything starts moving around. The next morning you’re fielding user complaints and it’s almost impossible to find the source of the problem as everything is back to normal. It couldn’t be one of the premium campaigns right?

The problem is that the fraudsters serving auto-redirects and fake ads know where and when control and auditing measures are deployed by publishers and suppliers so they switch out ad campaigns to bypass these checkpoints.

That’s why we built a tool to solve this problem.

Our technology sits within the largest apps in the world and reviews their live ad content to automatically identify inappropriate and ineffective ads. The only way to catch the “Toy Story Effect” is to be on device and review all the ads that users are actually seeing.